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And we are proud to announce that we are travelling
to Toulouse, France in 2015! Come join us from 24 February to 26 April,
on this journey of serendipity and fate, of art and you.

Foundin Toulouse is a city installation of tiny figurines, planted in public places in Toulouse, who are waiting to be found by people like you and me from 24 February to 26 April 2015.

Each figurine also contains a message left by its Adopter,
so who knows, you might just make a new friend there!

Foundin Toulouse is proud to be a commission of Foundation Espace Ecureuil and to be part of the ‘Made in Asia’ Festival, partner of Singapore Festival in France 2015.

Know more How to participate
You can participate in Foundin as
either an Adopter or a Finder.
A Finder is someone who has found
a figurine that someone else has
previously adopted.